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Our Service

We reach your youth audience, promote financial literacy and encourage community involvement while you concentrate on your core business.

A typical sponsorship includes these services:

  • Program Preparation
    For our database: research names, addresses and administration of your selected schools. Enter these with the names of teachers and chairpersons that present financial education.
  • Notification to School Staff of Your Sponsorship
    The school administration, appropriate teachers and department chairpersons are notified using your name announcing your commitment with a sample workbook, program information, and order forms.
  • Order Processing & Fulfillment
    We receive, process and prioritize teachers’ orders. Your logo is imprinted on the Student Workbooks and shipped to teachers. Our last step: sending copies of teacher orders to you.
  • Maintenance & Updating
    We merge and purge our mailing lists. We contact new or replacement teachers; we remove teachers who have retired or are no longer there.
  • Reporting & Results
    On a regular basis, you receive a summary of the teachers’ orders. Through surveys conducted twice a year, we poll the participating teachers and provide evaluation results.

Let our staff handle all these details so you don’t have to.

Our Guarantee

We don’t treat you like a number, although we have some interesting numbers for you.

  • Our year-to-year renewal rate: over 95%.
  • Our products have reached: 19.8 million students.
  • Our Teacher Services: Once you designate the details of your sponsorship,
    • Within 2 weeks, teachers are receiving information and order forms, and
    • Within 1 month, we are shipping requested teacher orders.
  • Our Shipping Response: Over 80% of teacher’s orders
    • Are shipped within one working day and
    • Arrive within 5-10 working days.

We mix current technology and old-fashioned service to give the edge to your financial literacy campaign: what you need to reach students in your community.

As your silent partner, we are committed to increasing your stature and presence in the community.  All contacts with schools are made in your name; the students’ materials prominently display your logo.

We do all the tracking; you know all the details.

We do all the work; you get all the credit.

And, that’s our guarantee.

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