BanksAddress Your Business solution for personal financial education matierials and marketing support systems you need to reach your audience.

Your Bank, Our Programs

Bring your bank into the classroom, and benefit from your exclusive sponsorship of these cost-effective programs.

Send the right message at the right time.

Tells students you want to be their bank. And tell them at those pivotal moments

  • as they enter the job market, or as they prepare for college and need bank services,
  • as they are taught in school for the first time about money and saving.

Save time, money and manpower.

Our programs are complete turnkey services that are both easy and cost-effective to sponsor. Cemark handles all the details.

Promote your bank with these cost-effective programs.

  • Attract new accounts from young students, armed with practical banking skills learned through the program.
  • Gain extremely positive publicity. Parents and educators will applaud your commitment to financial literacy.
  • Set yourself apart from competitors as the bank with this unique service.
  • You benefit when students understand basic financial concepts. Students will learn the practical skills and steps towards becoming financially responsible, creditworthy adults.

Gain access to the classroom.

If you're looking for an opportunity to meet future customers in person, here's your ticket.

Hundreds of banks nationwide use our programs to teach personal banking skills to students. Demonstrate your commitment to the community. Many sponsors receive CRA credit for this contribution.

Which programs are right for you?

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