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Saving with Mandy and Randy

Saving with Mandy and Randy is an educational program about saving taught by elementary school faculty as a complement to their curriculum.

What is it?

Not just a coloring book, not just a handout, but a complete curriculum supplement. This program is the investment your bank needs to teach young children the importance of money management early.

Banks nationwide use Saving with Mandy and Randy to teach practical skills, habits and values necessary to save and handle money responsibly.

Saving with Mandy and Randy shows students and their parents you are interested, you are available, and you want them to use your services.

Why do children need it?

Money management skills aren't something you're born with. They're something you're taught and learn how to do. Help teach children to manage money as they learn to read, write, add and subtract.

Reach students at an impressionable age so your customers of tomorrow develop lifelong savings habits. And, families with children are drawn to banks they feel are community-oriented, accessible and friendly.

What do the sponsored schools receive?

Saving with Mandy and Randy was designed as a supplement easily integrated into the core curriculum primary teachers cover. It addresses students’ competency in mathematics, economics, civics, and language arts. The components for teachers include:

  • A Student Workbook for each student, imprinted with your bank’s logo.
  • A Teacher’s Guide, presenting 8 lesson plans.

What concepts does the program cover?

  • Counting value of coins and currency
  • Financial decision making
  • Importance of saving
  • How financial institutions work
  • Earning interest
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • And much more…

What do teachers say about it?

Teachers return evaluations on the effectiveness of this program. The scope is broad, and the objectives are stated in measurable terms. Here’s what teachers have to say.

Read Teacher Comments

What do sponsors say about it?

The yard stick of success for us is the renewal rate of sponsors. Many of our sponsors have been effectively using Saving with Mandy and Randy since our initial launch in the fall of 1999. We’re proud of that record.

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