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How To Do Your Banking

What is it?

How To Do Your Banking is a seven-lesson course
in banking skills taught by high school faculty.

The investment in education your bank needs to yield knowledgeable new customers. Hundreds of banks nationwide use How To Do Your Banking to teach young adults in high school classrooms basic money management skills, including how to access and manage credit responsibly.





Why do teens need it?

The average high school graduate lacks basic personal financial skills. Many cannot balance a checkbook and most have no insight into the basic principles of earning, spending, saving, or investing.

Help young people manage their first credit experience and establish valuable lifelong financial habits. Give them the tools to avoid stumbling through their finances learning by trial and error.

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What are the program components?

There are four curriculum components provided to each school:

  1. The Student Workbook imprinted with your bank’s logo
  2. The video, Check It Out!! - checking account convenience, management and the
    5 C's of credit
  3. The CD exercise, You’re On Your Own - money management
  4. The Teacher’s Guide

Teachers request the number of workbooks needed for their classes and a Teacher’s Guide. The school media center receives and catalogs the CD. The video is available online. You receive the fifth component directly: a Banker's Guide, which provides ideas and recommendations for maximizing your participation in the program.

What concepts are covered?

Personal Savings
Basic Investments
Checking Accounts
Loans to Avoid
Electronic Banking

Deposit Image Technology
Online Banking
Online Bill Paying
Mobile Banking
Mobil Text Banking
Identity Theft
Protecting Your Personal Information
And much more...

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How does it work?

Cemark handles the details of the entire process: from program preparation, school staff notification, order processing and fulfillment to maintenance & updating, reporting and results of your sponsorship.

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What do teachers say about it?

As a part of our service, teachers receive and return evaluations of their experiences. Here’s what a few of them have to say.

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What do sponsors say about it?

The yard stick of success for us is the renewal rate of sponsors. For the last 10 years, over 85% of our sponsors choose to renew each school year. We’re proud of that record.

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