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The College Student’s Guide
to Financial Survival

Attract student accounts at colleges and universities
in your market area.

FACT: Three-quarters (75%) of college students, in a recent poll by Harris Interactive, admit to having made mistakes with their money when they arrived on campus.

The College Student’s Guide to Financial Survival will be your unique tool to help college students handle money responsibly while strengthening your relationship with them.

The Guide shows students how to deal with their financial responsibilities with loads of practical advice. It covers all the basics:

  • Develop a budget and spending plan,
  • Open and manage a checking account,
  • Obtain and monitor debit and credit cards,
  • Build a good credit history.

Both a promotional and instructional resource, The College Student’s Guide to Financial Survival can be used as:

  • A handout for every student visiting your branch,
  • An addition to the new students’ orientation package,
  • A classroom tool for the freshman orientation seminar,
  • A handout at your booth at the students’ orientation,
  • A campaign of your own,
  • The possibilities are endless.

76% of college students wish they had more help preparing for their financial future.

Be the stepping stone that leads your future customers on a path to financial success.

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The College Students Guide to Financial Survival
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