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Teacher Comments on the High School Program:


Social Studies Teacher
Southmoreland Senior High School
Alverton, PA

"Thanks for sponsoring us again this year. It’s the best program that I have seen to capture student interest in a practical way. Money management is a tool for success and we appreciate local support in our schools."
N. B. Alternative High School
New Brunswick, NJ

"The program provides invaluable information and teaches students financial skills. Today’s youth spend and spend. Very few possess the knowledge of savings and checking accounts, ATMs, interest rates, etc. I welcome the opportunity to add this program to supplement our mathematics and independent living curriculum. Excellent resource."
Mathematics Chairperson
Unity High School
Balsam Lake, WI

"A very good program. Parents also are very much in favor of the type of material we are being supplied with to help teach these life skills."
Vocational: Careers & Technology
Judson High School – Red Campus
Converse, TX

"Good program – I’ve used it since its inception, and I’ve been teaching financial management and taxes for the last 18 years. I started with other material but have used yours since it became available."
Business Teacher
Sherando High School
Stephens City, VA

"Yes, we will definitely be using this program's such a great resource for our curriculum!  Several of my students even thanked me for teaching them how to balance a checkbook!  Some even went home and helped their parents!"
Teacher Comments on the Elementary Program:
Second Grade Teacher
South Maple Elementary School
Gaylord, MI

"I used the workbooks to reinforce concepts.  These workbooks are helpful and I love the fact I can have parents use them at home."
Second Grade Teacher
Richard Carroll Elementary School
Bamberg, SC

"These booklets were a great aid in helping reinforce math skills involving money.  My students enjoyed working in their own book, and they were having fun while learning math."
Second Grade Teacher
Belle Chasse Primary School
Belle Chasse, LA

"Money is a very difficult skill to teach.  This was a great extra workbook to help with this skill.  I think that children need to learn about saving money.  School should not just be book knowledge.  We need to teach children about the real world.  They cannot survive without money, and they really do need to learn how to count and manage money."
Second Grade Teacher
F. J. Kingsbury Elementary School
Waterbury, CT

"I used this program to introduce counting money, how financial institutions work, and the importance of saving money.  These are difficult for second graders to learn.  My students often ask, ‘When are we going to take out Mandy and Randy?’  They truly enjoy learning about the characters and their experiences saving money."
Second Grade Teacher
Uniontown Elementary School
Uniontown, KY

"My students enjoyed the story, activity sheets and lessons.  The format, illustrations, and design helped captivate and keep their attention.  They became familiar with economic concepts and strengthened their money counting skills.  It served as an excellent means to teach real life skills; very age appropriate.


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