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Credit Union Sponsor Comments on the High School Program: Making The Right Money Moves
Nancy Zuzula
West Michigan Credit Union, Grand Rapids, MI
Sponsor since 2002

“After careful examination of several programs, we felt they ended up costing more than Making The Right Money Moves. Cemark handles all of the details; they keep us informed of what the teachers use, what they like, if they need us in the classroom, and the costs in the process. With Cemark handling all of the details we realized other programs were too time intensive for our personnel.”
Julie VanDaele
Veridian Credit Union, Waterloo, IA
Sponsor since 1991

“Your staff takes care of everything: I know which schools and teachers are using the materials. We are so busy here, and it is easy for us to use the program because no staff is required at our end. This program supports our marketing efforts, while educating high school students about personal financial concepts. Making The Right Money Moves gives them what they need at a level they understand. We get lots of positive feedback.”
Tina Mike
Aberdeen Proving Ground Federal Credit Union, Edgewood, MD
Sponsor since 1992

“Aberdeen has several measuring sticks. First, Cemark tracks and provides reports on all teachers who use Making The Right Money Moves. Also, we see monthly growth in new youth accounts and deposits. This program is not an instantaneous hit to the bottom line, but it does support it. Finally, we have a warm, fuzzy yardstick to gauge its success; we receive good, positive feedback from the teachers.”
Laura Powers
Parker Community Credit Union, Janesville, WI
Sponsor since 2000

“We feel that the information in the Making The Right Money Moves program is packed with a wealth of useful and educational information for our students, young adults, parents of young adults, and even senior citizens. You can learn anything from saving at a young age, saving for a college education, buying your first car or home, and what it takes to live comfortably when you reach retirement. It is short, well put together, and informative.”
Shawn Murphy
Freedom Credit Union, Warminster, PA
Sponsor since 2005

“Freedom Credit Union places great value on Cemark as it allows us to provide teachers in our community with easy-to-use financial literacy tools that teach valuable life lessons to students.”
Unrecka Ramsey
Campus Federal Credit Union, Baton Rouge, LA
Sponsor since 1992

“Campus Federal Credit Union has used Cemark’s The College Student’s Guide to Financial Survival since 1992.  Our organization initially utilized the Making The Right Money Moves program for the high school population.  It was our way of helping teenagers learn about personal finances before they become responsible for themselves and their financial choices.  As a credit union whose major sponsor is a state university, we realized it was imperative for us to reach out to the student population within our membership base.  We found that many college students were ill prepared for life away from home, especially where finances and budgeting are concerned.  We’ve provided The College Student’s Guide to Financial Survival to the university to distribute to incoming freshman during orientation.  We also provide them during membership drives on the campus handing them out to students and explaining how the guides will help them.  It’s a great opportunity for these young adults to get answers to questions they’ve had and didn’t know where to go for answers.  We’ve become their financial partner and trusted source for personal financial education.  The Guides are an investment in the financial future of our members and our community.”
Tricia Heisey
BELCO Community Credit Union, Harrisburg, PA
Sponsor Since 2005

“I was first introduced to Cemark several years ago when we were approached by a local high school to sponsor the Making the Right Money Moves booklet. This sponsorship has brought many more financial education opportunities for BELCO Community Credit Union. The teachers often remark about the comprehensive information provided in such a compact, user-friendly book. Our classroom visits allow us to reinforce the information provided in the booklet. In addition, we have the high school kids do a budget exercise giving them the chance to make adult decisions in a real-life scenario.

We feel it is imperative to educate children at a young age so they can grow up to become financially responsible adults. We do this by providing kids with the Saving with Mandy and Randy booklet. We’ve given the materials to cub scouts, brownie troops, day cares, and after-school programs. I’m currently working with a high school teacher that teaches Special Education in a low-income area and she is using the Saving with Mandy and Randy booklet. We are setting up an account for each student and creating a savings challenge for them. Each month, they will take their piggy bank to one of our branches to deposit their money. BELCO will reward them with snacks, prizes, and a personal visit from our mascot if the class meets their savings goal at the end of the challenge.

We also recently purchased the How To Open and Use a Checking Account in Spanish and have handed them out upon request in our newest branch that was built to meet the financial needs of the Latino community.

BELCO is committed to providing financial education to all ages by providing Youth Savings Programs to offering seminars for adults on topics such as: Identity Theft, Budgeting, Understanding Your Credit Score, Investments, Home Buying, and more. While there is a wealth of information available on the internet, I choose to use Cemark for the quality of their products as well as the level of service their employees deliver, two very important ingredients in the success of an organization and what we look for when selecting a service provider. ”
Credit Union Sponsor Comments on the Elementary Program: Saving with Mandy and Randy
Colleen Greece
A-K Valley Federal Credit Union, Lower Burrell, PA
Sponsor since 2005

“Cemark’s, Saving with Mandy and Randy program is absolutely wonderful.  The teachers and students love it!  The workbooks contain great information for the kids and the workbooks also make learning FUN!  We are so glad to work with Cemark and help increase financial literacy in and around our communities.”
Stacey Woiderski
Straits Area Federal Credit Union, Cheboygan, MI
Sponsor since 2007

“We use this program with over 250 students, in 4 different schools, each year.  The students and the teachers have all responded positively regarding the workbooks and the presentations that we give.  The students are even recognizing our staff on the streets as ‘the lady that gave a financial presentation at our school.’  It is great for the students and a wonderful tool to promote our Credit Union.”
Roy Meythaler
Horizon Credit Union, Racine, WI
Sponsor since 2002

“Horizon Credit Union has partnered with Cemark, Inc. to offer the Saving with Mandy and Randy program since 2002.  Each year we have provided all public schools in our community, as well as some private schools, with the opportunity to employ the Saving with Mandy and Randy workbooks in their first and second grade curricula.  We are proud to say that over 90% of the teachers that were offered the program took advantage of the opportunity, and we have never had one negative response to the materials or the teacher's handbook.  Most of the teachers sign up for the program the following year, and tell us that they employ the financial literacy materials in either their math or social studies classes.  We are proud to continue the partnership we have with Cemark, Inc. in offering this financial literacy training program, and hope it continues to pay dividends to the youngsters of Racine for many years to come.”
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